Coming Out via Twitter, G-Chat, and the Kim K Game



There are many ways to come out to your friends and family.  Some of them involve sitting down and talking to your family.  However, that’s boring.  Why do that when you can either accidentally come out to people or come up with inventive ways to do so?

  • My favorite way that I’ve came out to someone was when I accidentally came out to my Grandma and Aunt on Twitter.  So, basically, I forgot that Twitter wasn’t just me shouting into the void and tweeted something about Hillary Clinton being the candidate who cared about LGBT equality and thus me.  A couple of days later, my Grandma replied to the tweet saying she loved me and supported me.  A couple of minutes after that, my Aunt texted me with a similar message.  I wasn’t sure how to respond and was kind of overwhelmed, so I didn’t respond to them right away.  When I did, I opened with, “This isn’t how I imagined coming out to the family, but…”
  • When I first came out to my sister, I sent her an email with an attached letter I had written.  When she didn’t respond to me right away, I got on g-chat since I’m needy and told her to check her email.  We then proceeded to have an entire conversation.
  • During Orientation, I was still unsure about how out I wanted to be.  In high school, I had been deeeeeeep into the closet and I still didn’t know “how to be gay.”  However, this conundrum was solved for me when I went on a rant about the Kim K game (God, do you remember that app?? Screw you, Willow Pape, amirite?).  I was complaining about all the characters and how they were all so mean to me, when I let slip that my boyfriend had broken up with me.  I talked to a couple of the people later and they confirmed that was when their suspicions had been realized.

Hey, I haven’t even come out to my brother yet!  Maybe he’ll be stumbling around on the Thrill one day and he’ll come across this article.  I can add that to my list.

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