Kenyon Doppelgangers: Sean Deryck ’18 and Charlie Woolsey ’19

charlie and sean 4

Charlie Woolsey ’19 and Sean Deryck ’18

By popular demand, the Thrill proudly presents a long-awaited edition of Kenyon Doppelgangers. Kenyon is known for bringing together similarly minded people, but it also brings together similarly faced people- scary similar in the case of Sean Deryck ’18 and Charlie Woolsey ’19. I approached Sean in Peirce and mistakenly called him Charlie right away. He graciously corrected me, saying this happens a lot. When Charlie appeared at his side, I immediately understood why.

Despite the uncanny resemblance, Sean and Charlie hail from complete opposite coasts, with Sean coming from Honolulu, Hawaii and Charlie from Providence, Rhode Island. They have differing interests as well: Sean is a biological anthropology major and a brother of Phi Kappa Tau while Charlie is a prospective political science or history major and a member of the Ransom Notes Acapella group. Ever since Charlie first arrived on campus, people have been confusing them for each other. Sean has been repeatedly called out to on Middle Path as “Charlie,” to which he responds “not me, but how are you?” Charlie recalls similar experiences. After a whole semester of explaining identities, the two finally came face to face a few weeks ago during rush week at a Phi Kappa Sigma Event. “It was pretty weird,” they agree.

charlie and sean 2

“At least we don’t dress the same”


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