Your New Favorite Drinking Game: Slap the Baguette

Okay people, winter is winding down (never wound up this year but whatever), and everyone is bored with the usual ~drinking games. Beer pong is dead. King’s cup is so boring you have gone through all possible categories/rhymes/never have I ever’s. It’s time for something fun, something new. Today we bring you: Slap the Baguette.

Slap the Baguette is simple, accessible, and almost exactly what you expect. All you need is any form of hard liquor (or any alcohol OR NO ALCOHOL JUST LEMONADE! #drinkresponsibly), shot glasses, and yes, a baguette.

You start by sitting in a circle with fellow participants. Next, place the baguette in the center of the circle. Spin the baguette. Who ever it lands on (make a point by tearing off one end of the baguette) must make a decision. Take a shot, or get slapped in the face by the baguette. The choice may seem clear to some, but after a while shots are difficult and baguettes actually do hurt. Play until you don’t want to anymore.

That’s literally it. But it’s very fun, and you will make friends/enemies. Good luck!


2 responses

  1. This was my favorite game to play while at Kenyon. I’m glad it is finally getting recognition as a great community building experience that should be a staple of Kenyon.

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