10 o’clock list: Most Sensual Bookstore Chocolates


the gift of a lifetime

Valentine’s Day may be over and done with, but romance is still alive and kicking at Kenyon’s very own bookstore. While the array of chocolate draws acclaim from students and faculty alike for its variety in flavor (and cost), the candy section is most well-known for one thing:  sex appeal. The turns of phrase employed on many chocolate bar wrappers are enough to make any self-respecting collegiate go weak at the knees. If you’re looking to be seduced by 1.55 oz of sugar and cocoa bean, read on to discover The Thrill’s rundown on the sexist bars of  sugary nonsense ever found in this neck of the woods.

  1. Chuao – Spicy Maya

all i ask for is that my cinnamon be seductive and that my cayenne be bedded in dark chocolate

2. Ghiradelli – Dark Chocolate Raspberry


a luscious filling AND the moments of timeless pleasure?! this is simply The Best

3. Vosges – Red Fire Bar


engulf me in flames

4. Lindt – Dark Noir


Excellence. 99% cocoa, 100% sexy.

5. Ghiradelli – Cabernet Matinee


intense dark!! grape flavor!! this is so hot wow!!


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