Review-A-Party: SPACE BASS


So good even the DKEs came! My review of the AD’s 157th annual SPACE BASS.

Boy oh boy what a night! SPACE BASS was a hoot and a half! It was never too crowded nor too empty. There were boxes on boxes of delicious Little Caesar’s and great water.  A LOT of really fantastic water for everyone! Without campus safety anywhere in sight, attendees were free to do whatever the fuck they wanted to do. And they did.

I decided this time to interview people on the dance floor about what they thought of the party. The following is an excerpt from one of the interviews. I think it went well!

Harry Kalish: What do you think of the 157th annual SPACE BASS?

Girl: I’m sorry have a boyfriend.

HK: Oh no. I’m not trying to—

Girl: You seem like a sweet guy. You’re just not my type.

HK: Listen, I’m writing a—

Girl: UGHHH! Don’t try to make me swoon with your words. Just get away and let me enjoy the rest of my night.

HK: I’m sorry.

I give SPACE BASS Damn Daniel, 2 orders of Papa John’s cinnamon knots, and a picture of a robot.


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