10 o’clock List: College TV Show Pitches

A picture of me telling NBC executives about some sick shows they could produce (via nydailynews.com)

Back in the day, we had shows like “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” and “Lizzie McGuire” to guide our middle and high school lives. But nowadays? We have nothing! Nothing to commiserate with! Nothing to relate with! That’s why I’m pitching to you some shows that could really fill that sad-liberal-arts-college-student niche. Not convinced? By the end of this post you will be.

  1. Major Drama. This would be live action TV show about drama majors who have some major drama going on in their lives. Becky was pre-cast as the lead but now Nicole seems like she’d be a better fit! AND Nicole is trying to steal Becky’s boyfriend!! Each episode has subplots A-F. Every episode leaves you confused.
  2. Pass/Fail. There just aren’t enough good college game shows these days. In Pass/Fail, players from Kenyon’s basketball team must pass around a basketball until one of them drops it. Whoever drops it fails a class. High risk, high reward. Except the reward is that you don’t arbitrarily fail a class.
  3. History/Chemistry. There’s an old saying that lurks on the MySpace pages of the middle schoolers of 2007 that goes a little something like, “you may have chemistry with him/her/them but you have history with me.” With that in mind, we place Kenyon students in a history class with their new flame and a chemistry lab with their ex and see what happens. The exes must be lab partners. It’s a reality show, and it’s sure to get you emotionally invested.
  4. The Old College Try. We invite alumni to a fun weekend with two back-to-back all-campus parties. They must keep up or be publicly ostracized as a wimp.
  5. The Kenyon Thrill. Students pick challenges out of a hat that are guaranteed to get their adrenaline rushing. Challenges include: using a Ouija board in Caples, clearing all the plates on the dish return as they come, and talking to a professor during office hours without crying.

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