Guess Your Lottery Number to Win a Prize!

Via Reddit.

Good at those mom games where you guess the number of M&M’S in a jar?  Like playing shell games with cats? How about ResLife? Yeah yeah, they’re not as fun as cats (or, honestly, maybe not even as good at shell games). We know. But if you can guess your lottery number (either of them–the one that’s your number within your class or the one that’s your number within the entire college), we’ll give you a prize. Like the password to our email. Or Gracie Potter will follow you for an entire day, performing “Sorry,” every hour, on the hour. But more likely a gift certificate to Wiggin St Coffee or The Village Inn. In addition to the prize, any winners will be announced right here on The Thrill. There’s your shot at some shiny Kenyon blog fame, friendos. Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  • Don’t ask us questions about the lottery. We’re fucking clueless, just like you.
  • Send your guess to by Tuesday at midnight.
  • If you guess correctly, either send us a screenshot of the official email from ResLife or forward the original email to us.

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