Safe Rides is Back!


Launch cover photo


Safe Rides, a free student-run ridesharing service, has returned to action this weekend. The system works through a web app attached to Kenyon email accounts, ensuring that this service remains specific to students. 

Adam Egelman, the project coordinator, states:

After the service becomes active tonight and tomorrow night at 10 PM, people who want a ride can go to on their smartphone. You’ll login with your Kenyon account (just as you would for email and Moodle) so we know it’s only Kenyon students accessing the service. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll also be asked to provide your phone number so we can text you when your ride is on its way and to confirm your request. Once your number is set up, you’re asked to input the number of people in your party, and pick up and destination locations. After confirming this information, you’re ready to go! (more info, along with our privacy policy can be found here: ).

The rider queue is dynamic; a party closer to the driver may get picked up first, despite the previous requests. However, after parties have been waiting for a certain amount of time, they will automatically be bumped to the top of the queue. This ensures that the van will waste as little time as possible while en route.

This app is the first completed project of the student-run club Hack the Hill, which focuses on web design and software engineering. They hope to complete more projects helping the Kenyon community in the near future.

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