Places that maybe you haven’t heard of: Murnen House



Ok, so you probably actually have heard of Murnen House. But in case you haven’t, you’re looking at the single sketchiest, most dilapidated building owned by the college. Located behind the KAC and formerly home to the Bike Co-Op, Murnen is now…uh…maintained by the film department, who use it as a set for student films.

Basically, what happened is the Bike Co-Op trashed this place and then no one fixed it up.

Walking around the outside of the house gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into. Things start out pretty banal, like this guy:


Or these identical pairs of canvas shoes in this tree (there was a third, still identical, pair off to the side)


But then you get to the shed and it all goes to shit.



So, creepy as it is, once you leave enter the Murder Shed, all you find are some rotted out phone books (??) and a bunch of broken glass mixed in with some dead bugs. Yay.



I’m sure it’s fine.

When you first enter the actual house, everything seems to be about what you’d expect – bits of props everywhere, walls painted odd colors from film shoots


Everything’s fine here, almost not worth taking pictures of, yep, fine.

But then you hit the kitchen, and this happens.



So, this seems like a totally normal mural that imitates graffiti, right? Well kinda.


Yes, friends, that is, in order from the top: several packages of crackers duct taped to the wall, a knife stuck up under the drywall, a noose hanging over a broken mirror, and a Moon Pie stabbed through with several shards of a broken CD. Welp.

Moving upstairs, you get back to relatively normal looking rooms except for a *very* creepy looking film set (I’m told that it’s for someone’s thesis? I hope it is?).  The attic, however, is a different story.





Those would be dead hornets, and there were waaay too many live ones buzzing around, so I booked it back downstairs.

Speaking of insects, though, Murnen also seems to be the depository for all of the campus’s lady beetles. I was constantly flicking them off of my shirt as I walked around.



So, to conclude – don’t go to Murnen unless you have to. Film majors, you have my sympathy.

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  1. Trashed? Bike Co-op housing was moved to the Tafts, then to North Campus Apartments after the Film Dept moved into Murnen in the summer of ’13. No such trashing of Murnen by the Bike Co-op occurred. The Bike Barn, originally located in the Murnen House garages, was relocated to the Harris garage, corner of Wiggin and Quarry Chapel, after the Murnen garages were determined to be unstable- NOT because of any “trashing.” Get your facts straight.

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