Where Was It Said: Under the Upside Down Tree or in Bed?

“Damn that’s an ugly picture of it” Via Twitter

Oh the Upside Down Tree, where many a freaky romance was born and lots of poems have been hung. If you ask me, that tree’s pretty scraggly, and I’m sure that there’s a million bugs under there. So I’ve never been under it. But other people have, and I’ve heard them say a lot of freaky shit. Can you tell where it was said? Under the Upside Down Tree? Or in bed? 

  • Hey, let’s take a picture of it and flip it upside down.
  • It just keeps on growing, doesn’t it?
  • Look! You can hang a poem from it!
  • If I was going to say it looked like anything, it’d be a witch.
  • Hey, I’m stuck, call the fire department.
  • Woah that’s a huge fucking bug, man.
  • It looks better in the summer, I promise.
  • Damn, that’s a lot of foliage.

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