10 o’clock List: Spring Sports You Didn’t Know About

Students play their favorite games on an early spring day (via Special Collections)

Even though it’s cooled down recently, the weather this weekend proved that it is definitely springtime. And with that, Kenyon students are starting to practice an new set of sports. Of course, there are the ones you expect – lacrosse, cross country, and the like – but Kenyon is actually home to many other, more unique sports. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the most noteworthy teams to join.

  1. Competitive Grass Pulling. A springtime favorite, you may be familiar with grass pulling on the quad. But these competitors take it to a new level, uprooting fields of grass at a time. Kenyon’s personal record is fifteen minutes for an entire acre.
  2. Salmon Short-Wearing. You may have noticed a sudden rise in the appearance of salmon shorts on campus. It’s not a fashion trend, no no, it’s preparation for one of the most cut-throat sports out there. Layering upon layering of shorts is the only way to win this game.
  3. Not Doing Homework. This sport is actually home to Kenyon’s largest team. All those people you saw on the quad the other day? They weren’t lounging around, they were in the middle of a brutal and never-ending competition. The last one to start their homework wins.
  4. Dartying. When the sun shines, the players come out for a darty marathon. This sport is an intramural sport, with Kenyon students allying themselves within their friend groups in order to see who can party the earliest, loudest, and longest.
  5. Underestimating the Weather. A Kenyon favorite, sometimes you participate in this sport without knowing. You think the weather’s gonna be one then, then it’s the other, then you’re woefully unprepared for the unexpectedly-chilly tundra that is Kenyon in April. Another subset of this sport is forgetting that it gets colder as the day goes on.

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