FYI: Lunch in KAC Today


I love to eat big, sloppy sandwiches at the gym (via

Good morning, sports fans! If you missed all those emails with phrases like “high impact” and “Food service will not be available at Peirce Hall”, consider this your heads up. The servery, that haven of vegan meatloaf and ice, will not be open during usual lunch hours. 

Why, do you ask? A News Bulletin from March 4th states:

The exposition is an opportunity for the Kenyon community to see how students are pursuing expansive experiences such as research projects, artistic performances, internships, community-based research, senior honors theses, off-campus study and collaborative assignments.
“The primary goal of this new campus-wide event is to celebrate student success on the Hill, to share information with one another about the amazing things our students and classes are doing, and to foster intellectual discussion and creative engagement on campus,” said Associate Provost Brad Hartlaub, who is organizing the event
Still don’t know what’s going on? Neither do we! These “high-impact displays” burden the majority of Kenyon’s  students with a difficult decision: to walk all the way to the KAC or to buy a market sandwich for lunch? Only time will tell.

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  1. Note the “free lunch” being offered to students was a replacement meal for the one they were denied (and had paid for as part of the whole requisite room and board package) by Peirce being closed. How many lunches were served to students today at the KAC and how many students bought food in the village instead?

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