Queer 101: A Guide to LGBTQ-Focused Courses

So as you might have noticed, course registration for the fall semester is coming up pretty soon. You may be wondering, how can I be more queer in the classroom? Well, you may not have noticed but Kenyon DOES offer a handful of queer-focused classes! So here’s your guide if you’re looking for an extra course to take!

ENGL 103.09: Queer Tales, Queer Texts 

Taught by Janet McAdams, this introductory English course focuses on queer narratives from a variety of interpretive lenses such as indigenous/Two-spirit, feminists, post-colonial, and eco critical. This class will explore queerness in film, poetry, memoir, and fiction, with notable works such as translations of Sappho, Brokeback Mountain, and The Left Hand of Darkness.

HIST 391: Special Topic: Gender and Sexuality in the Civil Rights Movement

While most of us are familiar with the Civil Rights movement, we rarely have the opportunity to look at how race intersects with gender and sexuality in this context. Key themes will include the following: the national and international implications of the movement and of race/racism; resistance to white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy and capitalism; women’s leadership; and the contributions of queer activists.

GERM 365: Politics, Gender, and German Cinema

This class is taught in English and focuses on major trends in German film since 1989, and will look at films that deal with topics such as gender and queerness. Films such as My Father is Coming and Lola and Billy the Kid among others will be shown.

SOCY 250: Systems of Stratification

While the focus of this course is not solely queerness, Systems of Stratification is meant to dissect the categories we put people into in society, such as class, race, gender, and sexuality and how they have permeated through U.S. society and effect the way we live our day to day lives.

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