First Year Reflections on Shock Your Mom


Shock Your Mom is the party you brag about to friends from other schools. Everyone remembers their first SYM at Kenyon (or distinctly don’t remember it).  We asked our First-Year writers for their thoughts on the party. Here’s what they had to say about their first encounter with Kenyon’s most scandalous tradition: 

  • Mia Fox ’19

So here’s a funny story. I got mono, so I did’t end up going to shock your mom. Maybe the fact that I didn’t go shocked her more than anything.

  • Madison  McDowell ’19

I was kind of nervous going into Shock Your Mom. My CA really built up the “craziness” of the night. He was talking sex on the dance floor, complete nudity, the works. It wasn’t that insane or maybe situations like that just don’t bug me that much. It could be either. Overall, I thought it was super fun. The costumes were definitely scant, but that’s kinda the point. It was nice to have a night where I could go all out and wear something crazy. Which brings us to the most important question: Would it shock our moms? Probably not, but it would definitely make them uncomfortable.

  • Sarah McPeek ’19

My mom would be shocked to find out that I actually went near a party, so I walked over all bundled up in my winter finery, stood outside the window for two minutes, and promptly dashed back to the Quad. I’m glad I braved the cold (layered appropriately for the weather) and took it in, but I think I’ll stick to being a mom and not a shocker.


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