Kenyon Doppelgängers: Paige Ballard ‘18 and Stephanie Penix ‘16


Penix ’16 (left) and Ballard ’18 (right).

Though they’re both Ohio natives, doppelgängers Paige Ballard ‘18 and Stephanie Penix ‘16 are about as different as they could possibly be. Ballard is a psychology and film double major who spends her time writing for Her Campus Kenyon and participating in both Kenyon Filmmakers and the Psych Club. Penix, on the other hand, studies molecular biology, participates in the STEM mentoring program and is an active member of BE:, a CCO ministry here at Kenyon. Though the duo aren’t close, they share a creative, energetic spirit.


When asked if she’d ever been mistaken for Penix, Ballard gushed, “Yes. Absolutely. Ever since early in my freshman year, my friends have told me about a ‘Paige lookalike’ they keep running into. They’ve waved at her and thought I was upset with them when I didn’t wave back. I’ve been asked several times if I got new red glasses. One friend even tried to sit down at a table with her before realizing it wasn’t me.”

Penix also admits she’s been mistaken for Ballard. “One person has confused me with Paige on multiple occasions,” she said.

Know anyone else with a doppelgänger here on campus? Let us know in the comments!

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