It’s Honors Day, and We Think You’re Great


It’s Honors Day, that prestigious time of year where the faculty hands out awards for outstanding student work. Didn’t get that invite? It’s okay, bud. I still think you’re great.

Yeah, yeah. Maybe you didn’t study as much as you could have for that test. But it was a long day, and sleep is important. What matters are your beautiful and intelligent insides, your smart intestines, your confident spleen. Sure, you might not get to shake the warm and powerful hand of President Decatur, but you know what you do get? A pat on the back from little old me.

Remember that time you won a trophy at soccer camp? Man, those were the days, guzzling orange slices under the blistering sun, your calves glistening with sweat under plastic shin guards. Look at you now. What have we gained? What have we lost? Would recognition at Honors Day be able to fill the hole inside you?

Anyway, you’re the tops. The biggest of the cheeses. Give yourself a little credit. You’re doing just fine in my book.


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