Student Council Announces No Paper Cups Available Next Week


Student Council released a statement today announcing a new Earth Day-themed initiative. Read the full text below:

In observance of Earth Day, there will be no paper cups in Peirce from April 18th – 22nd.

This is a student council-sponsored initiative. Though we know this may not be a popular idea, we are committed to making concessions to make this campus a more sustainable place, we hope you’ll share our sentiment.  

In preparation for this weeklong event:

  • Leftover CHIP cups will be available outside of peirce during no cups week, first come, first serve
  • ECO/student council will do a final dish pick-up and sustain-a-mugs/cup drive on Sunday, April 17th (leave your Peirce dishes & mugs outside your room)!!!

3 responses

  1. So they want us to drink out of bowls like dogs, then have no bowls for cereal, soup, salad or plated meals. Good thinking!

  2. Why can’t you people just use the cups in Peirce and leave them there? Or bring them back if you take them back to your room? Or get a nalgene, hydro flask, or literally any type of water bottle if you want to take a beverage with you? In my time at Kenyon, this was never a problem, and I don’t think I ever took any plates, cups, etc. from Peirce. Except for that time I took two pies.

  3. Future leaders of America, eh? I think ya’ll are acting like banana republic type-folks. So sad it takes a $50,000 per annum system just to put up with you. Remind me not to live in the city where most Kenyon grads are going.

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