We Tried The Butterbeer Latte So You Didn’t Have To

butterball coffee

Wiggin Street Coffee had a butterbeer latte in the spirit of Harry Potter Day. We all know you were knocking each other over to get in line before your peers for this drink. But just in case you didn’t get a chance to try this once-in-a-lifetime milky treat, we did it for you. Below are our immediate reactions.

  1. “It tastes like a literal caramel latte”
  2. “There are some notes of butterscotch in the finish!” “NOTES”
  3. “Now I’m tasting a little bit of ham. Now that it hit the back of my throat, I’m getting ham. Oh! Oh! And fish! When it hits the roof of your mouth, you can feel a new layer of plaque on your teeth.”
  4. “Now I think I’m getting poisoned. This top right part of my mouth is feeling buzzy.”

  5. “All I taste is, like, slightly flavored milk.”

    “You’re right, it’s like flavored smoke!”

    “I said milk, but, like, whatever.”

    “I still think it’s smoke.”


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