Weekend Drink: The Not-Your-Mom’s-Punch-Because-You’re-In-College-Now


Well well well. What do we have here? Boundless sunshine, sunglasses tanlines, and that sweet, sweet drunken buffoonery. Today we bring you a drink for this perfect weekend.


  • 1 cup of sunscreen
  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • 2 cups of pineapple juice
  • as much vodka as you want
  • sparkling water
  • grapefruit juice if you want I guess
  • flip flops/sandals/birkenstocks/shoes with your toes out


  • apply sunscreen to face before mixing drink
  • put on shoes that let your does breathe
  • combine all ingredients, add ice, drink
  • have the best time of your entire life with NO RULES!!!!!

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