Looking Inside the Annual Senior Student Exhibition



Students, family and faculty observe the senior art majors’  work.


Meg Gardella, Untitled Movement VII, 2016














As someone who can draw a mediocre stick figure at best, seeing the projects my peers created makes me quite envious of their talent. The annual Senior Student Exhibition Opening Reception at Gund Gallery was last night, and features a variety of installations done by the 16 senior Studio Art majors. I had the pleasure of viewing the projects and asking some of the artists about their inspiration, process and more.

In addition to the more canvas type of art like Meg Gardella’s pictured above, some students chose to explore video as a medium. Especially intriguing was Bri Presley’s project, pictured below. Bri said, “after spending so much time filming in this box I needed to get outside” which is where the inspiration for the videos projected on the walls come from.

IMG_6052 IMG_6055


Jackie Arkush’s installation featured small-scale scenes with social and political commentary. The patience it must have taken to construct such small figures is more than I will ever have.


Jackie Arkush, Gambier, OH U.S.A., 2016

Elizabeth Norman’s video series features commentary about television and constructing reality. Her videos include a hot dog eating contest, a presidential campaign, a sermon, a cooking show, an MTV reality show (shout-out to Are You The One?), and an infomercial. Elizabeth said what ties them all together is “that they’re all people whose job it is to be a real person on TV…an integral part of their job is to be able to appeal to an audience.”

The Senior Exhibition will be up in the Gund Gallery until May 21, so check it out these artists and more while you still can!

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