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Where’s It At with HPZ

April 22, 2016

Shhhhhh, Hannah is here but shhhhhhh. There is a ton of stuff this weekend people. Full list of events below.

Ransom Notes Concert Bolton Theater 7 pm
Bug, Murnen House 7:30pm
Dance Team Concert 8:30 pm Hill Theater
Two Drink Minimum 8:30 pm Peirce Pub
Music Being Played on South Quad Day: With Food, South Quad 12 pm
Kenyon Spring Invitational (Track Meet) KAC 12 pm
Social Board Presents Inflatables on Ransom Lawn, 1 pm
Bug, Murnen House, 2:30 pm
Owl Creeks Spring Concert Rosse Hall 7 pm
Archons Presents Wet Hot American Summer DKE Lounge 10 pm
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