Your New Favorite Drinking Game: Just Do It™

I'm not an art major.

I’m not an art major.

The Thrill‘s weekly drinking game is BACK and better than ever! Strap in, chumps!

This week, we’re not going to bore you with fancy-pants “rules” and “regulations” and “words.” Instead, we’re gonna be direct and honest with y’all. No frills, no fluff, no nothin’. Just the goddamned truth.

Tonight, Kenyon, don’t play some dumb game. Don’t get weird, don’t overthink anything and don’t make a mess. Just friggin’ have a beer. Pour yourself a glass of wine and drink it. Grab a shot glass and put some stuff in it and then put that stuff inside of your body. You’ll have time for fun, flirtatious drinking next weekend. For now, don’t beat around the bush. Just Do It™.

But, you know, do it safely.

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