Students, Administration to Host Title IX Discussions; Meetings Open to the Kenyon Community


After the recent climate on campus in response to issues regarding Title IX and sexual assault, students, Sexual Misconduct Advisors, Peer Counselors and Title IX coordinators have rallied to find solutions and justice for the community. As a result, these groups have organized two discussions in order to talk about these issues on campus, and what we, as students and members of a larger community, can do to make a change.

The first event, a student-led discussion to be held at 8 PM in the Horn Gallery tonight, Wednesday, April 27th, was organized primarily by students Winnie Thaw ’17, Brandonlee Cruz ’19, and Cayla Anderson ’18, who reached out to members of The Council for Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ) for support. “The goal, I would say, is to provide a venue for students to discuss their thoughts on Title IX policy and work towards possible solutions as a student body,” Cruz said. Fellow organizer Anderson encourages “anyone who is interested, disinterested, or confused about Kenyon’s Title IX policy and its implementation to come to the Horn and engage in this extremely necessary conversation.”

The second event is a collaboration between the Sexual Misconduct Advisors (SMAs), Peer Counselors (PCs) and Title IX coordinators Andrea Goldblum, Linda Smolak and Samantha Hughes, as well as the Office for Civil Rights. Counselor Nicole Keller will moderate this event, which, according to a statement released by the SMAs, will focus on “the student body’s questions, concerns, and ideas with Title IX and the ways that Kenyon deals with sexual misconduct on this campus.” It will be held tomorrow, Thursday, April 28th, from 4:15–5:30 in the Gund Gallery Community Foundation Theater. In an email sent to the student body earlier today, Goldblum promised that “more forums on this topic will be scheduled in the near future.”

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