Follow Up with Olivia Cucinotta ’18 and Tribeca Film Festival


via papermag

We followed up with Olivia Cucinotta ’18, and her experiences at Tribeca Film Festival. The weekend was packed with press, premieres, and photos–but we were lucky enough to have a couple minutes with her to hear about her perspective.

1. How was the premiere? 

The premier was very surreal, everything moved quickly, everyone was a little overwhelmed and a little amazed that this actually happened. After three years of filming finally making it to the premier was very gratifying and simultaneously didn’t feel real at all.


Olivia Cucinotta ’18, second from the left

2. How did it feel to have everyone in the theater watch your entire adolescence? 

I tried not to think about it, mostly. I sat next to the other girls in the movie and we spent most of the time feeling nostalgic and laughing at ourselves and trying to pretend like there weren’t all these other people watching us all around us.

3. How did people’s reactions affect you? 

People were amazingly kind. After each showing and Q&A, people would come up to us to talk. Adults shared memories of being our age, relating to our stories, younger kids told us we made them feel less alone. The reactions reminded me that this was all worthwhile.

The featured girls in the film did interviews with a wide variety of publications. Here are the links to Teen Vogue, InStyle, Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, Paper, and Jezebel.


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