Seniors Reminisce: End of Freshman Year


Some things never change. via

If there’s one thing seniors love to do, it’s remember freshman year –  after all, there’s nothing quite like thinking about the sweet, innocent child you were just four years ago to make you realize how haggard you’ve become. Today, I forced some fellow seniors to remember the end of their freshman year to rub it in just a little more.

“The power went out in McBride when I was moving out, which was very stressful because I hadn’t started packing and my mom was coming in, like, 3 hours. I made my boyfriend help me do it. There was also garbage everywhere in the hall during move-out – it was like no one had taken their trash out for a month.”

“Exams feel totally different now. Freshman year, it was the end of the world – now, I’m pretty sure they can’t fail me now, so….”

“I’m pretty sure that at this time freshman year, I felt really good about everything and was super excited to have the summer to work and not be in school – which is funny, because right now I’d give anything to have three more weeks to get my shit together.”

“At the end of freshman year I had a GPA in the high threes, I’d never been drunk, I was an English major, and I had an internship lined up for the summer. It’s been downhill from there.”

“So freshman year I was writing my very first college paper in the library and I saw somebody had written “floating in my bowl taking movies” (from a Simon and Garfunkel song) on the desk. I thought this was really funny and took a picture. Last week I was writing my very last college essay in the library, looked over at the desk next to me and somebody had written, “I’m a citizens for boysenberry jam fan” (which is from the same song) on the desk.”
“I spent the last night of freshman year sleeping on a bare mattress with a towel and nothing else because everything was already in my storage unit. Hopefully that won’t happen again this year.”





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