10 o’clock list: What John Green Books Are Really About

(Via: media.tumblr.com)

(Via: media.tumblr.com)

This year’s commencement speaker will be John Green, the award winning author and Kenyon alum. While first-years were given The Fault in our Stars and fans obsessing over his movies are pretty much impossible to miss, how many people actually know what his books about? Since he went to Kenyon and lived in a New Apartment, it’s obvious most of his books should be about Kenyon. We dissect the true stories of the novels below!

1. Paper Towns- In this gripping novel, Green explores the struggles he went through in his Book Arts class. While going through several staple wounds, paper cuts, and crumpled up sheets of doom, he ultimately realizes the true force of love from a classic college sheet of paper. Green admitted in a 2009 interview that his original title for the work was “College Ruled”, but his editors gave him some major blowback for this terrible pun.

2.The Fault in our Stars- In his arguably most famous work, Green signs up for an Astronomy class to fill his distribution requirements. In the end, he gets lost trying to find the observatory and fails the class.

3.Looking for Alaska- A mystery-thriller, this novel recounts Green’s attempt to get Baked Alaska served as a Student Choice option at Peirce. Despite several Facebook campaign events and begging at Chef Megan’s feet, John loses to the Pierogies.

4. An Abundance of Katherines- Green’s short-side McBride hall has too many Katherines. Things escalate when Katherine #6 tells him to come to her room for a pre-game before Highlighter party, but Green can’t figure out which room is hers and walks aimlessly until he meets a skunk also named Katherine who later becomes his best friend. The TV show spinoff, An Abundance of Claires is slated to come out shortly.

5.Will Grayson, Will Grayson- In this story of familial reconnection a set of twins, both named Will Grayson are separated at birth. Upon their joint acceptance to the class of 2025, the Wills are further separated, one being an all-star lacrosse old-sider, and one being an all-star Kokosinger new-sider. One fateful day, the twins meet in the fusion line. Both Wills get a double portion of ravioli and enjoy it thoroughly at a table in Peirce atrium. They find out Green is their father, and bond. Green mentioned in a 2020 interview that he originally wanted the book called Will Grayson: The Green Awakens, but his publisher worried about copyright issues.

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