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5 Thrill Posts to Get You Through Your First Semester

August 27, 2016

Hey First Years! Nervous about your first semester? Need some guidance? Well, look no further than The Kenyon Thrill! We’ve compiled a list of helpful stuff we’ve written over the years that will help you survive this stressful time, so go on! Have a gander!

Welcome to Kenyon: Advice and Musings From Upperclassmen – A great post featuring lots of different advice from people who have been around the block a time or two.

The Difference a Year Makes – This is a personal piece about how you can still make the best of your college experience here even if you get off to a rocky start.

It’s Okay if You’re Not Having Fun Yet – This is a great companion piece to “The Difference a Year Makes.” If you’re looking for some reassurance that yes, the college transition is difficult, this post is for you.

Queer 101: A Lesson in Pronouns – Meeting new people is fun! What’s also fun and cool is being respectful and kind to everyone you meet. Here’s a post that will teach you how to be the best friend you can be to as many people as possible.

No Fear Gambier: Myths About Scary Upperclassmen, Busted – Worried about having to interact with upperclassmen? Here’s an article about why you don’t need to!

Have a great semester everyone, you all are going to be fantastic!

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