Peirce Hack: Dessert Egg

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Whether you’re a first-year or not, by now you’ve figured out that Peirce Hall is a magical place with seemingly endless food options available to you throughout the day. But as we get – nay, grow – older we become less and less enchanted with what Peirce has to offer. There are some days where Peirce just isn’t doing enough for you, where no combination of foods (plated or otherwise) can satisfy your insatiable hunger. Enter: the Peirce hack. The Peirce hack is any combination of actions and foods that cause your friends to say “Oh man, I wish I had thought of that!” when you come back to your table in the dining room. Today’s Peirce hack? The dessert egg.

I know what you’re thinking – EW!!!, and how do you even make a dessert egg? First of all, the dessert egg is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Secondly, what makes this hack so great is that you don’t need to make anything yourself. There’s hardly any assembly required.

A dessert egg, in its purest form, is a hard-boiled egg that you eat after you finish your main course. For example, if you had a plate from International but find your tummy begging for more, you march right back into the servery and grab yourself a hard-boiled egg (found near the salad bar). From there, you return to your seat and crack open that egg, enjoying it for “dessert.”

The benefit of the dessert egg is two-fold: you not only get to cleanse your palate with a nice lil’ treat, but you also get the nutritional benefits of the egg itself. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I leave Peirce feeling incredibly undernourished. The dessert egg ensures that you at least have enough protein, probably. I dunno. I’m not a nutritionist.

Anyway, if you find yourself at the end of a meal wanting more, I encourage you to give the dessert egg a try. You can even bookend your meal with an egg, eating half before and half after your main course. The possibilities are endless. It’s not weird, it’s a dessert egg.


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