Kenyon Pets: Caples Kittens

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.59.09 PM

Holy Fucking Shit! ~via Jen Cabiya (thanks, roomie !!!)


Holy moly! Look at these lil critters. These, my good pals, are the infamous Caples Kittens! I’m sure you’ve heard of them and/or seen them already, and if you haven’t, I am not certain where you have been, but it must not have been a good time because clearly there were no Caples kittens. Please peruse this catalog of their lives so far. There will be information on their backstories, personalities, and theories about their hopes/dreams. They are the best, and they truly deserve all of your love.


So here are the deets. The Hot Goss. The 411. As far as we know, there are four of them, plus one mama cat. There has been no indication about the identity of the father, but that’s okay because Caples Cat Mom is a self-sufficient single mother, perfectly capable of raising four children all on her own. She doesn’t need that dirtbag in her life, whoever he is. Cat Mom has been living in the drain pipe long before the kittens came into her life. Kind souls would occasionally leave food for her outside her house and she would graciously accept these offerings (please continue to feed Mama Caples Cat! She now has four extra mouths to feed).



Mama Cat and the kittens can be seen frolicking outside the drain pipe or running around the general area outside Caples. They’re slightly shy and will usually run away from humans, but Jen Cabiya ’18 has informed me that she has actually pet the Caples kittens!!! They were asleep, so they didn’t really notice, but apparently they were very soft and very cute. I guess it’s tiring running around through the grass all day. Ah, what a life.


Hopefully they have been or will soon be taken care of by Mount Vernon’s Trap-Neuter-Release program so they can continue to live their lives on Kenyon’s campus, enchanting us with their whimsical, adorable antics. Keep being you, Caples kittens! May you grow up to be fierce, strong, and independent, just like your mother!


Photo credits: Jennifer Cabiya ’18

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