Important Information for You



Most chickens love to sing. COCKADOODOODALDOO.  That’s what a chicken sings.  COCKADOODOODALDOO.  It means: “HELLO AND GOODMORNING FARM THINGZ LETS HAVE A GREAT DAY OF EATING AND SLEEPING.”  But there are some chickens who don’t like to sing.  Those chickens are stupid chickens.

Good chickens only sing and eat.  Some of them fart eggs.  But those chickens are stupid.  Real chickens just sing and eat.  COCKADOODOODALDOO.  Bing bong let’s go to town!

Okay chickens.  Come home now.  Hurry on home.  LEtS TAKE A BATH.

Clean chickens are happy chickens.  Clean chickens are singing chickens.  Clean chickens are not stupid chickens.

Let’s talk about chickens in our classrooms.  LET’S make THAT happen plz.

Seven Things I Love ABOUT CHICKENS:

  1. Chick chick chick chicken
  3. Singing chicken songs
  4. Waddle-waddle obese chickens
  6. BumPY wumbly British chickens
  7. Chickens

GIVE me FIVE chickens.  I WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM WITH BATHS AND CORN FEED and lots of space for strolling chickens, chatting chickens, fumbly chickens.



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