10 o’clock List: Sport you can Do Right Here, Right Now



SPORT ! ~via walp.dvrlists.com

Man, do we love Sport! There has been the Olympics. Kenyon has sports teams. And we sure do like ‘em (go Ladies! go Lords)! However, some of us do not have the time or skill to engage in Sport on the Varsity Level. Do not fear! The Thrill is here, with five great ways to Do Sport and Have Fun!

Disclaimer: The Thrill is not responsible for any Blood, Tears, Injuries, or Disappointments resulting from these Sports. Be safe, my friends!!! Feel free to try these at home (and send us video evidence documenting your experiences).

  1. Climb Peirce Tower: Just fucking climb it, man. Do you even lift, bro? You do not Lift™ unless you have climbed the tower.
  2. Roll Down the KAC Hill Real Fast: So fast. Speeeeed!!! Leave those calories behind you on the top of the hill. Goodbye !
  3. Kokosing Farewell: How long can you hold breath? Can you open those eyes under the water? What do you see down there? Only true athletes can answer these questions.
  4. Upside-Down on the Upside-Down Tree: Hang upside-down on the upside-down tree. Get some chin-ups in there if you’re feeling fancy. Let the blood flow from your toes to your noggin. Or will it go the other way? It’s the upside-down tree. Anything is possible.
  5. Catch Those Birds: Get yourself a paper bag and start nabbing those cheepers! Hey, kids— It’s like Pokémon, except it is alive! You must catch them. All of them.

Keep up the Sport! Just Do It (or not; we don’t care either way).

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