Gambier Ink: Tattoos Around Campus, Part XII

Laura Phillips ’19
I got this tat the day I turned 18, mainly because it was the best rebellion my all-girls Catholic high school mind could fathom. My best friend and I, having the same birthday, met up at this mediocre shop in the center of Portland and told them to have at it. We gave them an idea of what we wanted, of course, but didn’t think about it long enough to have it truly mean anything.
Fast forward to this past summer — I am living in a tent in the Sierra mountains, working maybe the worst job I will ever have, and, despite it all, growing in a way I never have before. This summer I learned about friendship and hardship and taking chances. This summer I learned about comfort and discomfort and the little things. This summer, I learned about love — of myself and of others — and the Sierras gave that to me.
No, I did not know what this little mountain range on my wrist meant when I got it, but I sure do now.


I met Heather Petersen in the WKCO studio as she was prepping for the first edition of her new radio show Revolution Rock.  A musician herself, Heather works in the bookstore and enjoys meeting Kenyon students.  Her tattoo is inspired by the band Devo, perhaps best known for their song “Whip It.”


Brea Fearon ’18 and her mother Jeanna have matching tattoos of blue butterflies.  At first she was hesitant to get a tattoo because of their permanence, but as she considered getting one, she thought about the many aspects of herself that reminded her of her mom and realized she would be making a choice to have something of Jeanna’s.


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