KAC Sushi vs. Kroger Sushi

So we’ve been here a few weeks now, and I’m sure you’re all wondering, “Where can I get some good sushi in this town?” and my answer of course will be “define good” and “how low are your standards?” But, as a dedicated journalist I of course had to get you some answers. For fun, I dragged my significant other  (here on out referred to as the S.O.) down into the investigation with me because nothing keeps the romance alive like forcing your loved one to eat raw fish in a land locked state. Anyway, here are the results.

Kroger Sushi 

Cost: $6.59 + tax and the $3 box of little debbie cakes you impulse buy at the checkout



  • Stays together pretty well
  • Kroger has a wide variety of sushi
  • Tastes like sushi


  • You have to drive to Kroger to get it
  • I’m almost positive the cream cheese in this roll came from a block of Philadelphia cream cheese that was just taken out of the freezer. Also a very large number of their sushi selections contained cream cheese.

KAC Sushi

Cost: $5.39 + your dignity as you walk into the KAC for the sole purpose of buying sushi while everyone better than you is clearly there to work out or is jogging while you pull up in your car because you are too lazy to even walk to the KAC



  • the S.O. loved this one. She ate almost the whole thing and then I told her it came from the KAC she gasped and was super starstruck and then said “do you think they have spicy tuna rolls” in an awed voice.
  • Came with much more soy sauce than SOME places I know


  • You have to walk to the KAC to get it.
  • THEY WERE SO LOOSELY ROLLED. I tried to pick one up and it fell apart like immediately. I looked like a fool trying to eat it.
  • Their sushi selection was overall much less of a variety than Kroger


Was this social experiment overall worth the $12 I spent on Sushi? Probably not.


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