Kenyon Pets: Gracie the Yellow Lab

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 2.03.12 PM.png

Look at this angel !

People of Kenyon, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce your dog-loving souls to the most perfect child to ever walk the Earth. This, my good friends, is Gracie Klein, the happiest, wiggliest, slobberiest yellow lab to ever honor us with her presence.



Did you know that Gracie loves you??? Well, she does! So, so, so much!!! Be her best friend, please!!!

At the end of every week, I am blessed with the opportunity to take this enormous happy muffin for walks through campus. She makes many friends, slobbers on many things, and does so many tail wags. Recently I documented a day in the life of this gorgeous pup to share my tales of our cheerful travels with all of you. I hope you enjoy this brief description of the fun times we had together.


Adventures with Gracie

  1. Found a real big stick.
  2. Found a crowd of first-years.
  3. Found a stampede of sophomores.
  4. Approached a dude on a bench, tail wagging. He looked busy but human babysitter is too small to restrain large happy tree dog. So we made a new friend.
  5. “Her ears are so soft!” -A new friend
  6. “Dogs are too good for this world.” -Another new friend
  7. “Dog, dog, dog, dog!!!” -More new friend!!!
  8. Someone waved to Gracie and whispered a soft, “hi!”
  9. We are at sixteen for the “can I pet your dog” count.
  10. Seventeen.
  11. “We were on our way to Peirce and she just yelled ‘DOG’ and ran over!” -Even more new friends
  12. Gracie found another stick
  13. Gracie got to be in a photoshoot!
  14. “Who is your dog??!?” -An excited new friend
  15. “DOGGO!” -The most excited new friend
  16. We met a really big dog.
  17. Gracie ate some really nasty stuff. I’m not sure what it was. I tried to stop her but she is too powerful and good.
  18. Gracie returned home. She is a good girl.



One of the sticks Gracie found!!!

And now for a quick FAQ, just in case you see us around campus!

  • Q: Can I pet your dog?
  • A: Of course! Did you know that she loves you? Because she does.
  • Q: Is she yours?
  • A: I wish! Gracie belongs to Joyce Klein, who runs Friday Café, and Bill Klein, who is a professor here at Kenyon.
  • Q: What kind of dog is she?
  • A: The best kind!!! (A yellow lab)
  • Q: How old is she?
  • A: She’s around two years old!
  • Q: How did you get this gig?
  • A: It was fate. Gracie and I were meant to be.



She’s smiling :)

Please feel free to say “hi” if you see us walking around in the future! Thank you and have a lovely day.

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