10 o’clock list:4 Songs to Listen to in Peirce While You Sit Alone Eating Chicken Parmesan Between 7:53-8:10pm

img_0942It’s been a tough Sunday. I know. You were frantically attempting to finish essays, readings, and the Marble Cookie Brownie you ordered last night for no good reason. Now you’re at Peirce eating chicken parmesan alone because it’s too late and your friends suck. The chicken parm is good, but something is missing. Music. G.O.O.D. Music. No, good music that will fill the emptiness you feel inside. Here is a list of the songs that will keep you afloat in this trying time.

  1. Parking Lots by Told Slant. Start off with this downer. You want to listen to something you can relate to as you take your first few stabs into your breaded poultry.img_0943
  2. Please Forgive My Heart by Bobby Womack. Still feeling shitty? Listen to this woeful tune as you look around at all the other people with other people. img_0952
  3. I´m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter by Fats Waller. You’re starting to feel a little bit better. You are content with YOU.  You are silly and whimsical.  Maybe if Fats Waller were still around he would be eating with you at the ripe old age of 112.img_0947
  4. Cha Cha by D.R.A.M.  Hey this wasn’t that bad. Frankly, it was the best meal you’ve had all week. You had the pleasure of being messy and no one was there to judge. Jam out to this goofy banger and lick your plate clean because honestly, who gives a fuck!img_0965

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