Call for Peirce Dates


Are you looking for love? Are you looking for someone to talk to, just for a few minutes, because you haven’t found genuine connection on this planet yet–and you’re close to coming to terms with the fact that you might never find a person you actually, truly like? Or do you like, just want to try to meet more people at Kenyon?

We are reviving one of our oldest features, Peirce Dates! For those who aren’t familiar, we set up two willing participants on a blind date in the middle of our beloved dining hall, observe their experience from a couple tables over, and post it all on the internet.

Check out some of our past Peirce dates here. It’s been proven to be 100% successful in matching people who are perfect for each other. So put down Tinder, give this a shot! Try out a Peirce Date today! (If the form below does not appear, you can also find it here.)

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