Kenyon Doppelgangers: REUNITED!


Molly left, Hannah right

You might remember reading about Molly Wyrsch ’17 and Hannah Farr ’19 last semester, but here’s the thing–Molly was on the Exeter program all last year and the pair hadn’t met before–UNTIL NOW.

Molly is a senior, involved with Alpha Sigma Tau and WKCO, while Farr is a sophomore who’s a part of Two Drink Minimum.


They look like they’re about to drop the album of the year

Here it is, this is the first time our doppelgangers have ever met each other, even though they’ve known ABOUT each other for more than a year. Since being on campus, Molly has only had one person call her Hannah. “I just smiled and waved,” Molly said.


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