10 o’clock list: Rejected Theme Housing


Look at all those NCAs. So white. So largely homogeneous. Those two attributes don’t reflect Kenyon’s campus at all!!!

Luckily, Theme Housing helps celebrate the marvelous panoply of people and values on campus: Unity House, Anime House, Whose-Turn-Is-It-To-Wash-The-Dishes House (that last one is where I live!).

Not all suggested themes make the cut. Ever wondered which ones get rejected? Now, for the first time, see the previously classified list of proposed housing themes that never got to shine in the fluorescence of those beautifully beige buildings…

  1. Ben House (A House of Kenyon’s Bens)
  2. Emma House (Ditto for the Emmas)
  3. Alex House (…you get the idea)
  4.  Claire/Clare/Clara House (tooooooo easy)
  5. Supernatural House (i.e., for seances in Caples, Ol’ K, etc.)
  6. Supernatural House (i.e., the TV show)
  7. House House
  8. NWA NCA
  9. Keystone Light House (i.e., An NCA that the residents build gradually out of Keystone cans as they drink the beer in said cans)
  10. IT’S HELLA LIT House
  12. TURN UP House
  13. Turnip House
  14. I Think I’m Just Going to Get in My PJs and Make Yoder’s Microwave Mac n’ Cheese and Watch Bojack Horseman and Go to Bed Early Tonight, If That’s Ok with You Guys House
  15. Oh, I Spend My Friday Nights Nursing a Scotch and Reading Infinite Jest–What About You? House
  16. Passive-Aggressively-Live-With-Your-Best-Friends-(Who-Are-Actually-the-Worst)-Until-You’re-Simply-Estranged-Housemates House
  17. Unbearable-Sexual-Tension-Around-Your-One-Housemate-You-Want-to-Bang House
  18. *Unreasonably Loud Orgasm* House
  19. Bacchanal House
  20. The Cat Isn’t Illegal If ResLife Doesn’t Know About It, Shannon, so Shut Up House
  21. I’m Living in an Eight-Person NCA but Actually It’s Just Me and Seven of My Fingers with Faces Drawn On House


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