“They’re Wholesome”: Haikus to Soothe your Eggy Soul

I gotta know. (via eggaesthetic.tumblr.com)

I gotta know. (via eggaesthetic.tumblr.com)

The Farm at Kenyon has been sending out enthusiastic, egg-centric emails nearly every week, and I’ve been devouring each friggin’ one. Fresh delicious eggs for sale outside of Farr Hall? Wednesdays between 4:00 and 5:30? Four dollars per dozen? Sign me the heck UP, my dude! I came to Kenyon specifically for the student-raised produce! No one can break my dang spirit when I’ve got a carton full of luscious local eggs by my side! NO ONE! 

So I cut up some old farm emails and used their text to make some more haikus. I love eggs too much to let this old hobby o’ mine fall by the wayside. Enjoy!





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