Email Bloopers: a Compilation


I am being very honest when I say this image gives me mild anxiety. (via

We’ve all been there — you’ve pressed send, the email goes out into the void, and you have a feeling something has gone desperately wrong. Here are some email nightmare stories from us, your favorite Thrill staff. Have an email story of your own to share? Post them in the comments!

Last year, my Government and Politics teacher was absent and we had to hand in our homework to the sub. I got home and realized I’d handed in the wrong homework so I emailed him explaining myself and ended it with, “the correct document is attached below!” It turns out instead of attaching my homework, I’d emailed him a screenshot of one of those generated Facebook “Which Friends characters are you and your friends?” results.


I sent out e-vites this summer for my 21st birthday party and accidentally sent one to Kathy Gillen, my biology professor from Freshman year!!!! Yikes. She declined the invitation.


Last week, I replied to one of The Kenyon Farm’s egg sale emails. In their message, they had posed the question “do YOU love eggs?” I wanted to reassure them that, although I wasn’t able to buy any eggs that week, I did indeed love them with all my heart. I was earnest and affectionate in my note. They never responded. I’m not embarrassed; I’m just disappointed.


A few weeks ago I was signing up for office hours with my advisor and accidentally signed up with my childhood email, which involves puppies and monkeys and love.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misgendered people through email. There are too many Taylors and Leslies in the world for me to keep it all straight. I’ve also done the classic copy-and-paste mistake and have sent so many emails with the wrong heading. I’m dumb.

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