10 o’clock list: Study Abroad in Ohio!


Have the abroad experience of a lifetime without leaving the corn fields you’ve come to know and love!

Geographically speaking, Gambier is located in the Middle of Nowhere. Understandably,  some students students feel stir crazy after a few years and embark on Off-Campus Study. Dozens of programs bring to bring them all over the world, from Argentina to New Zealand!

But why explore the world when you can visit the very cities you’ve been dreaming of… without leaving Ohio? Experience cultural immersion in the very same state. Look at this multitude of options, and get in touch with the OCS Office before it’s too late!

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Athens
  3. Berlin Township – This is where our local butter in the Servery comes from!
  4. Cadiz – Carnaval in this Ohio city probably isn’t too different from the Spanish rager: wandering the streets alone, wearing a Halloween costume in March, and feeling a little too sober for the whole thing
  5. Cambridge
  6. Dublin
  7. East Liverpool – Ask around about The Beatles. See what people say.
  8. Edinburg Township – They dropped the “h” to sound less Scottish
  9. Gambier – Stay right here in Gambier instead of going all the way to Gambier Island, Canada (you know, the one near Vancouver, British Columbia) (Note: this program does not permit students to attend classes at Kenyon College. You’re on your own with that one.)
  10. Geneva
  11. Germantown – All the richness of a country packed into single town!
  12. Lima – Pronounced lime-ah; featured on the hit TV show that probably inspired you to go out for the Ransom Notes
  13. Lisbon – Fun fact: I ate pig stomach (callos) for the first time in the Portuguese city. Find out if they serve the same dish in Ohio.
  14. Loveland – With a name like this, who wouldn’t want to study abroad here?
  15. Macedonia – Not to be confused the the Republic of.
  16. Marseilles
  17. Medina – Not to be confused with the city in western Saudi Arabia
  18. Milan – One is the world’s fashion capital, and one is Thomas Edison’s birthplace. Guess which one is in Ohio!
  19. Ontario
  20. Oxford
  21. Paris Township – The film site of the Woody Allen classic, Noon in Paris Township
  22. Seville
  23. Sidney – Australia’s is spelled differently, but this one’s just as good, I think
  24. Toledo
  25. Toronto
  26. Versailles – pronounced “vurr-sails” (also sort of in Kentucky so that’s some intense study abroad!)

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