A Comprehensive Guide to Fall Break

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Ah yes, the sweet and only four-day weekend Kenyon offers is finally upon us. Sleeping into the afternoon, staring at the ceiling, and convincing yourself that the paper for next week will get done on Sunday. But what if this year you did just a little more? This is the part when you retort with a “what even is there to do everything I touch is just endless farmland and depressing reminders that on November 8th a lot of people around me are going to vote for Donald J. Trump.” To which I reply, I know this already–but there is also a lot you have yet to uncover! Which is why we’ve come to your rescue: below is a fairly developed list of possible things to do for the next fall break. Have an idea that wasn’t on the list? Add it in the comments!

Stay at Kenyon

  • Go to the BFEC; explore! picnic! freshman–take that classic ~farmland~ profile picture everyone inevitably defaults during their first semester.
  • Have a ~spa~ day; face masks, nail polish, scalp treatments – need I say more? Put on some good music, dim the lights, and spray some Febreeze to remind yourself what smelling nice is like.
  • Rent a projector from the library and screen a movie, or four
  • Take over the Higley auditorium for a movie night
  • Drive/bike to Honey Run for a walk
  • Get some picnic blankets/food and go stargazing
  • Use the bathroom with the door open in Lentz House
  • Install Kenyon Devices Wifi on ur phone/iPad/etc

Explore Mount Vernon

  • Southside Diner; The blue plate special is legendary, and you definitely can’t leave without trying one of the cinnamon buns.
  • Hunan Garden; A great break from Peirce, and pretty good dumplings
  • The Good Goodwill; not the one by the Kroger, but the one by the traintracks/Dollar General. Way better selection, and incredibly comfortable couches if you’re just there to wait while your friends try stuff on.
  • Apple Picking/Pumpkin Picking; Classic autumnal shit. Google map an orchard and do it.
  • Bowling; Go to Colonial City Lanes!
  • Kroger; buy groceries, use a kitchen, and make real dinner with your friends
  • Whit’s; treat yourself to something sweet, especially before they close up for the Winter.
  • Build-A-Biscuit. Listen. You can have so many biscuits for so cheap. Breads. And you can put whatever you want on it. Dessert biscuit. Din din biscuit. Cooked peaches? Also maybe like gravy or something? But also so much more??? Biscuit!!!

Go to Columbus

  • Easton; weird, manufactured little fake town, the ultimate tribute to capitalism. There’s a Madewell, Apple Store, and a Trader Joe’s
  • Short North; Great place to walk around and remember what real civilization is like
  • Harvest, in the German Village; excellent pizza no further explanation needed
  • The Book Loft, German Village; very fun place to get lost in– there is a whole section to irish music and it is more fun that it sounds
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream; suck up that inevitably developing lactose intolerance and get two scoops of some real good ice cream
    • Have a tasting test comparing the best Ohio ice cream: Jeni’s, Velvet, Graeter’s, Handel’s, Mitchell’s..
  • Get a tattoo or a piercing – there are lots of cool places in Columbus to get tattoos, make an appointment and be a rebel who shows their parents their new tattoo at parents weekend

Stretch your wings, go to Cleveland

  • Cleveland museum of art- second best museum in the country and it’s free
    • Near the art museum there’s also the natural history museum (costs tho)
  • Coventry- A cool walking/shopping district kinda similar to the short north. Highlights: Tommys for the amazing milkshakes and falafel, avalon exchange, and passport to Peru.
  • The Westside Market/Ohio City- this is a really awesome part of the city with tons of food options and the factory where mitchell’s ice cream is made all within walking distance.
  • Cuyahoga National Park – ok so this isnt in Cleveland proper in fact it’s a lot closer to Akron, but it’s an awesome park, really well taken care of, and a great place to go and check off your bucket list.
  • Paragraphs bookstore
  • Look up Cleveland Institute of Art’s Cinematique — they show super old school experimental films for just, like, 15 bucks
  • CIA (cleveland institute of art) also has figure drawing classes that you can just show up to and pay 5 bucks — naked people, making art, 5 bucks — then you can go across the street and get bubble tea IT’S A RIPE OL TIME
  • The Grog shop (on Coventry) tends to have low-key shows by up and coming artists if you’re into the cool, new music scene
  • Just check out University Circle guys it’s a good time
  • See also: nearbyISH (it’s like an hour away) there’s Geneva, which is like Mount Vernon on Lake Erie so it’s podunk and cheap but there’s beaches (yes, real beaches with sand) for a possible day/evening trip

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