Three Sandwiches I Make to Set Across the Table from Me so it Doesn’t Look Like I’m Eating Alone


the all meat

The dining hall social dynamic isn’t one I’ve had to brave since freshman year of high school. Sophomore year and on, I left campus and ate lunch at home, most often with friends but sometimes by myself. I’ve never felt fully comfortable eating alone in front of masses of my peers, and now in a brand new setting with the need to prove myself to everyone all the time, the pressure is on for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Peirce. When I can’t plan to be at meals at the same time as my friends, or push myself to sit with someone new, these are the sandwiches I make to set across the table from me so it doesn’t look like I’m eating alone (when I am).


Grilled cheese: Starting simple, the friend I’m eating lunch with that day knows how to indulge in a classic kids-menu meal. She’s is laid back, not always watching her waistline, down for anything. Oh, also she’s getting water so thats why she’s not here right now. “Wow, Annie knows how to pick ‘em,” you’ll remark. It worked. I’ve tricked you.


All-meat: Did someone say, “every meat in the deli section and nothing else?” You heard right. That’s what my friend sitting across from me said because thats what’s on the sandwich he made by himself and I didn’t make it. This friend plays sports and needs protein before practice and the big game (at least thats what Coach says!). Where is he? He’s in the bathroom and won’t be back for a few minutes.


Open faced bean and cottage cheese: This friend is an international student, hailing from Eastern Europe. This is what they eat there. I know that because we’re really close and I’m not eating alone right now. Where is she? On a long-distance call with her parents, it’ll probably be a while.

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