The Return of D-Cat

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-42-36-pmYou may recall that a couple of years ago, the Thrill premiered a new, fresh feature entitled The Adventures of D-Cat.  We followed him through his adventures through graveyards and then through his time at university.  And now, we welcome the return of a new and updated D-Cat aka I got Sims 4 over the summer and I wanted an excuse to play it.  


A nice shot of D-Cat’s new home.  I moved him into a house reminiscent of Cromwell Cottage because I simply could not imagine D-Cat in a non-Kenyon environment.


To get acquainted with the new neighborhood, D-Cat went to the bar (RIP the Cove) and although they did not have mac and cheese wedges on the menu, he was able to get a mac and cheese platter which honestly sounds amazing.

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-58-19-pm While at the bar, D-Cat tried to make a new friends while enjoying his root beer float (he actually bought a round for everyone, what a mensch!), though the guy sitting next to him found his Groot/Snoot mixup a little embarrassing.  Definitely sending some major side-eye D-Cat’s way…


Then D-Cat went to Peirce Pub to play some foosball by himself.  Not even the friendly bouncer was there to hang out with him.


But then later when he was at a bonfire in the ancient ruins (it’s a long story involving the Caples Ghost, Professor Shutt, and the burning down of Old Kenyon) all his friends came to hang out with him.  Wherever D-Cat goes, his squad will follow!


What will D-Cat do next? Maybe he’ll go to the swimming pool and beat Denison in the 100 meter breaststroke, maybe he’ll write some comedy jokes for his upcoming stand up special, or maybe he’ll just build a rocket on his front lawn.  Who knows?  The possibilities are endless.


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