The Friday Mustard



Wazzup condimaniacs!! It’s me, the Friday Mustard. What mustard events are happening this weekend? I thought you’d never ask. Parents are flooding the hill, which means it’s time for some family-friendly mustard action. Don’t wear any nice clothes tomorrow, because they’ll be stained a dark yellow within minutes. 


The Itty Bitty Drama Committee will be staging “Mustard’s Room,” an unexpected comedy and meditation on what it means to be a mustard man, will be performed at 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Bring your parents. Bring bibs.


What’s the color of some leaves and also mustard? Yellow. Coincidence???? Walk an obscene distance into the woods, carve a mustard bottle, pet a cow, listen to live music from the Mustard Devils. It’s sure to be a rollicking good time.


M. U. Stard ’88 brings his renowned sextet to campus to Rosse Hall this Saturday at 9 p.m. Again, please bring bibs. This is an essential part of the concert experience. The opener will be Lisa Simpson playing a mustard bottle that she bit holes in and plays like a saxophone. She’s got the right idea, folks!!

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