Where was it said: The Kokes Concert or in Bed?


Nothing gets Kenyon going quite like a Kokosingers performance. In fact, nothing gets the Kokes going quite like a Kokosingers performance. With a tag line like “Kenyon’s oldest, premiere, all-male acapella group,” we expect nothing less than perfection. They serve it up, and amidst all the music things get a little saucy on stage. So put on your blazers, warm up your vocal cords, and snap your fingers to see if you can figure out: Where was it said, The Kokes Concert or in Bed?

  • “I didn’t think a freshman could do that!”
  • “He was flat for a while, but he brought it up at the end.”
  • “I hope he warmed up before this.”
  • “That was an awkward arrangement.”
  • “Subpar opener, but the closer was strong.”
  • “*Snaps*”
  • “We’ve had a lot of fun tonight. Thank you for coming.”
  • “He’s SO good.”
  • “All these people are here to watch? I’ll have to come earlier next time.”

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