Send Us Your Halloween Costumes


It’s that time of year. Crispy, crunchy and vaguely orange. While you’re pondering the inevitability of death/midterms, send us along your best Halloween costume pics, new and old, to compete in our (kinda) annual Thrilloween costume contest! Be sure to send a pic to by November 1st. While you wait, please enjoy these childhood Halloween costumes of Thrill staffers.


Erica Christie ’19 as skunk


Elizabeth Smith ’17 as the cutest lil chef you ever did see


Madison McDowell as ??? we love her


Jacqueleen Eng ’19 as The Devil Herself


Sam Roschewsk ’18 as fun pirate


Gracie Potter ’17 as Sitting on Pumpkin


Carolyn Ten Eyck ’18 as Sherlock Holmes

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