Peirce Hack: Dessert Egg Deluxe


In the month and a half since I first introduced the world to the dessert egg, a lot has changed. I’ve ripped a hole in my favorite pair of jeans, I accidentally lost one of my friend’s most cherished shirts, and – perhaps most importantly – I’ve come to resent hard boiled eggs.

I know what you’re thinking – Kenda, of all people, tired of hard boiled eggs? I dunno what to tell you other than sometimes you plan on spending your whole life with someone and then a jerk called life comes along and rips the carpet from right under you. The weeks I spent without my once-invaluable dessert egg were tough. I felt like my muscles were weaker due to a lack of protein. I didn’t sleep. I cried a ton. I felt completely and  utterly alone.

But yesterday, a miracle happened. A group of friends and I gave my love for the dessert egg new life, and I’m here to share that love with you today. Dearly beloved, I present to you: Dessert Egg Deluxe.

If you’ll notice, it looks a lot like a deviled egg – that’s because it is a deviled egg. Yes, my friends, Peirce Hall has all the ingredients you need to give a much-needed upgrade to the classic dessert egg. The best part is it’s incredibly easy to do. All you need are some hard boiled eggs and a few extra minutes added to your meal time.


The preparation for the dessert egg deluxe is a lot like the preparation for any other deviled egg. Grab yourself a bowl to mix condiments in (I recommend the small and usually inadequate ones by the yogurt bar) and head over to the sauce zone. In your bowl, add some mayonnaise, mustard, a lil’ malt vinegar (which apparently we have), paprika, salt, and pepper. The ratios are up to you. Give that bowl a good mix, add the yolks until you get the filling of your dreams, and then spoon your spread into your egg receptacle, garnishing with some paprika and pepper. Oh baby you’ve got yourself a good egg.

If you ever come across someone making deviled eggs on Peirce, please, don’t look the other way. It’s not weird, it’s the dessert egg deluxe.

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