Kenyon Siblings: The Baldassarres


J.T. and Marie feat. matching flannels

College marks a time in our lives when we’ve left the comfort of our familial homes to brave it by ourselves in the wilds of academia. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a spiritual guide through this process in the form of a sibling. This piece in the seventh in our series of sibling relationships here at Kenyon College. This week I cornered Marie Baldassarre ’17 and J.T. Baldassarre ’20 in Wiggin to talk about Kenyon, their relationship, and their worst fight.

What made you choose Kenyon? 

JT: Kenyon has been engrained in my mind ever since Marie decided to come here. It’s a writing school with a really great English department, which is what I like. And I came here obviously because my sister was here.

Marie, what was it like when you heard J.T. was following you to Kenyon? 

Marie: I was so excited. She had come to visit on my birthday and then applied. She called me when she got her acceptance letter and we screamed on the phone together.

JT: Yeah, there was a lot of screaming.

JT, what was its like to be the younger sibling here?  

JT: I actually never think about Marie as my older sibling. I feel like we’re equals, you know? People sometimes think I’m older. It must be my aura.

Marie: Yeah, I actually think people refer to me as JT’s sister, not the other way around. Which is messed up because I’m three years older, like, am I doing something wrong?

How often do you two see each other? 

Marie: Oh, I see her every single day, much more than when we were living together.

JT: Yeah, we don’t have weekly dates or anything. We just have random hangouts, sit together frantically when we can’t find a spot in Peirce.

Marie: I’m actually trying to infiltrate her friend, which is kind of weird but whatever.

Do you have any funny or weird stories about each other? 

JT: We had a legendary fight when we were younger.

Marie: Omigod, don’t tell this story.

JT: It was an epic fight. Marie lunged at me going straight for my neck. Our dad had to pull her back by the shirt collar. It was too crazy, so we decided to be friends from then on.

What sculpture at Kenyon best represents your sibling? 

Marie: JT would be the fairies outside the library, you know the ones that look kind of nice but no one actually likes.

JT: Wow, that’s actually really offensive. I thought you were being nice. Marie would be that weird sculpture attached to the side of Rosse. That exists right? I wasn’t sure that it was real.


look at these blonde babies!

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