Live Blogging Adventures: The Day Uncle Tim Came to Town


So Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine  is here and will be speaking at the KAC today at 5 PM–the thrill will be updating this post throughout the event so make sure to check back!

10:41 AM: my mom keeps asking me when Uncle Tim will get here.

4:12 PM: we’re in line. It’s quite long and there’s also a U-haul parked out from. The Thrill can confirm Tim Kaine lives in a U-haul.

4:32 PM: We’re in!! This scoreboard is quite clever


5:02 PM: Tim where are you

5:05 PM: they did hand out a bunch of posters though so that was nice!

5:07 PM: I wonder if Tim Kaine likes Timbits

5:12 PM: I swear I  just saw a secret service member start subtly bopping to the music



5:19 PM: “my high school grades wouldn’t have gotten me into Kenyon but look I’ve made it to Kenyon!!”

5:24: “If we win Ohio Hillary WILL be president”

5:37 PM: Kaine says we should all work to practice a “culture of respect” unlike Trump’s practice of insults and mockery

5:40 PM: “President Obama doesn’t get enough credit for all the hard work he’s done”

5:44 PM: “that’s the difference between a you’re hired president and a you’re hired president” 0h good that one was on my bingo card!

5:48 PM: “Here’s the thing about climate change, Hillary and I believe in science.”

5:57 PM: Tim Kaine just told the Russian hackers “hey now don’t come around here!” I love him and want to keep him forever

6:00 PM: Kaine reminds us we “can’t take anything for granted” in this eleftion and it’s just as important to vote for congress as it is for president

6:05 PM: “we’re not the kind of people who walk on by, we’re the people who roll up their sleeves and help out”

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